Welcome to Don’t Be THAT Guy, my friend!

Welcome to Don’t Be THAT Guy! We hope that you are not, by reaching this page, being bullied and that you are not a bully. But if you are either, we aim to help!

Don’t Be THAT Guy attempts to understand the reasons for bullying, and works with bullies as well as victims of bullying to reach achievable goals to prevent bullying and assist victims of bullying.

For more information, please see our mission and vision.

We work with all people involved in bullying:

  • Victims of bullying
  • Bullies
  • Those who help victims of bullying and bullies

At Don’t Be THAT Guy, our focus is — for now — schools in South Africa, but we will expand our reach over time. If any of these articles and resources resonate with you, please spread the word.

We hope this site helps you in some small way. We will never charge anyone for using our site. Our site is free, and will forever remain free.

What we do

We assist bullies and victims of bullying by teaching healthy ways to cope with bullying and the effects of bullying. As a volunteer organisation, we are in need of resources, volunteers and social media support to further our cause.

To help us do our work, we are in need of:

  • Angels (that is what we call our helpers). They are the people who donate their valuable time to further our cause. These are:
    • Psychologists. DBTG staff are not qualified counsellors, so we need help to deal with severe cases where our own experiences are not enough to solve or assist with difficult cases. They can teach victims of bullying as well as bullies how to cope with their respective situations as well as help diffuse extreme situations.
    • Article writers. There are many people with experience in bullying, either from the point of view of a bully, or a victim of bullying, or as someone who has helped either. These people help fill our site with great content, so that we have information to help.
    • Life coaches. Life coaches are skilled in many ways – they can teach bullies and victims of bullying constructive ways to deal with bullying.
  • Social Media Influencers. We really need to get our voice heard out in the world. By spreading the word to your friends, colleagues and other people who may be in a position to help us, we can combat bullying together!
  • We are not a registered charity yet, the paperwork is underway, so we regret that we cannot accept financial support yet. It does not matter, however, we will do our work the best we can with the resources we have.


Whether you are a helper or need help, please contact us, or read our articles and use our resources. We are all volunteers, and our responses may be a bit slow at times, but we will always respond when applicable.