Are you against bullying?

You make the difference! Do you feel the need to help victims and perpetrators of bullying? We need your help to fight bullying. There is a way. Become an Angel.

How do Angels help bullies and victims of bullying?

We call our volunteers Angels, because that is what they are. They give generously of their time and resources to help bullies and victims of bullying to cope with their circumstances, and try to eradicate bulling. Our Angels are not all psychologists or life coaches; sometimes our Angels provide other needs for those that we help, such as:

  • Provide food and other urgent resources in severe cases where household circumstances contribute to bullying and feeling of helplessness
  • Write blog articles and self-help tips and tricks for our site
  • Help to spread the word about us so that we can help eradicate bullying

This is only some of the things our Angels do. We welcome your assistance, in whichever way and in whatever capacity you can help. Please get in touch with us if you are interested.