Are you a bully?

It is a well-known fact that bullies need help too. Bullies are victims too, and often act out of a place of hopelessness. There is hope. Speak to an Angel.

How do we help bullies?

We work with bullies to attempt to overcome the compulsion to bully. Our Angels, who are qualified to help bullies, will have an initial scheduled session with the bully to understand the reason for bullying. They cover aspects such as:

  • Self-worth issues and feelings of helplessness and despair
  • Home circumstances and exposures that encourage bullying
  • Investigate if they are being bullied themselves and use bullying as a response
  • Peer pressure to bully
  • Investigate possible use of substances that can contribute to bad behavior and bullying.

Once the initial session is complete, our Angel will document all the findings in detail, and either handle further sessions if needed, or escalate the case to another Angel who is either better equipped to deal with the specific case.