See Something, Say Something – our golden rule

Bullying is rife. And part of the reason for this is because victims do not report every time they are bullied. We want to introduce our site-wide golden rule: See something, say something!

Reasons for bullying

  • They are scared that reporting the bullying will make things worse.
  • They refuse to be seen as victims.
  • They are ashamed of what people will think of them for being vulnerable by reporting bullying.

Each of these points above is why we need to have a golden rule when dealing with bulling, and that rule is simple:

See Something, Say Something

We want you to be the voice of those who cannot or will not report bullying. Tell someone in a position to do something about the bullying. A lot of school teachers are trained to deal with bullying, or can refer the case to someone who has the necessary training or experience to deal with the situation. Do not keep quiet. You may just save someone’s life, or at least make their life less stressful, by simply reporting the incident.

I say again: See Something, Say Something. Or for short. SSSS.

We welcome anonymous reporting on our site, as long as there is enough information for us to follow up a message. If you do not want to use your real name or provide your own phone number, do not feel obligated to do so, but please ensure that you then provide the name and contact details of a teacher at the school where you saw this happening. We will treat your request with confidentiality. Always.

Please, if you see something, say something. You can do so here. Looking forward to hear from you. Hopefully we can make someone’s life more bearable.

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