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When I was still a member of Toastmasters South Africa, I have created a brief presentation about bullying at one of our club meetings where the audience has received the presentation generally very well. However, over time I have learned new things and ways to represent facts and information about bullying. We do hope, however, that the gallery below will give you a brief overview of bullying, and also show you how far we’ve come.

Let’s start with a little story. Please note that this story constitutes bullying, and we would never recommend bullying at all, but this story sets the tone for the rest of the presentation.

A guy walks past a very high wall. He hears someone chanting…

“Seventeen… Seventeen… Seventeen…”

Curious, he starts to look around, and sees a hole in the wall. He peeks through the hole and suddenly feels a sharp pain as someone pokes him in the eye. However, being unable to get over the wall, he is helpless to do anything against the incident and has to walk away, and as he does, he hears:

“Eighteen… Eighteen… Eighteen…”

Please, don’t be THAT guy. Don’t be those guys, or those people, or those boys, or those girls. Don’t be like them, because you can be better.

I hope this brief presentation gives you a little bit of advice about what you can do when you are being bullied. However, we also have a lot of other articles that you can look at that could assist you in dealing with bullying:

Dealing with bullying is difficult, but being able to recognise bullying is almost as important. If you notice bullying, please follow our golden rule: see something, say something (SSSS).

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